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Jericho Rosales and Kristine Hermosa are currently the most popular young stars in the Philippines. Their daily teleserye (an ABS-CBN coined term for soap operas) Pangako Sa 'Yo (PSY) is the #1 daily show not only of its home network but of the whole Philippines even beating the #1 news program of the country, TV Patrol, in the ratings game. Not only is PSY #1 in the ratings, it is also a multi-awarded and critically-acclaimed nightly drama series. Last year (2001), it won the Best Drama Series award from the PMPC's Star Awards for Television and Runner-up in the Best Drama Series of the Asian Television Awards. Because of PSY, its two main lead actors became fully-pledged STARS making them the most popular and the best among their contemporaries. They gained wide popularity among Filipinos here and abroad.

Jericho (Echo) and Kristine (Tintin) are not only admired for being two of the most good-looking Filipinos but also because they are two hard-working talented individuals who are very serious about their craft. Both were members of one of the most-successful Star Circle batches, Star Circle 4. Both are current "Crush ng Bayan." Famous Filiipino celebrities had expressed not a few times how they admire the couple. Among them, the country's Megastar Sharon Cuneta who had said many times on television how she admires Echo. Kris Aquino, Pops Fernandez... the list goes on. The same thing goes for Kristine Hermosa who is in commercial king Aga Muhlach's list of prettiest Filipinas. Richard Gomez, who once worked with Tintin in Richard and Lucy and the movie Minsan Minahal Kita, likened Tintin to his equally gorgeous wife, Lucy Torres. Indeed, Echo and Tintin are the stars to watch out for. And this site is a fansite for them.

First time online: 10 May 2001


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