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Update: 31 January 2002

About this site

Kung hei fat choy! Really, it took me a very, very long time before updating. The last update we had was on Nov. 26, 2001. And now we have a new look again for the 4th time. Most of the updates that I have been doing is mainly on how the site looks like... so sorry guys. I'd really want to update this site as regularly as possible and I'll try my very best to do that so.
Echo-Tintin movie finally!

So what's the latest about our favorite couple? Latest I heard, they will be flying to San Diego, California (yoohoo! our friends from US, it's your chance to see our beautiful couple) to shoot for their launching movie (alas!). Do you guys know that last year's biggest box-office hit was tantanan... TRIP!? Yes folks, the movie that Echo and Tintin did last year with a bunch of other stars (or starlets).

Duets album

With the huge success of the TRIP soundtrack (both original and pirated) and with the song Meron Ba being #1 on the Most Requested list of major FM radio stations, Star Records WISELY decided in producing a "duets" album of Echo and Tintin. Hopefully, we'll be hearing their first single sometime next month. I believe that they rightfully (somehow, don't want to be biased) deserve to have an album. They can carry a tune and they don't sound bad naman.


The HUNKS (of which Echo is a member) will have a Valentine concert in February. And Tintin will be a special guest and she and Echo are expected to perform their first single. I know some people right now who are saving for this concert ;p



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