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by Acel Tolentino
Teenstars Magazine no.1459

Eighteen years ago, the world oddly paved way for the birth of a unique beauty. The angels rejoiced that another heavenly soul was out to conquer earth’s various realms.

It was only a premonition then. Now, with deafening applause, KRISTINE HERMOSA shines on screen gracing movies, teleseries, even commercials.

What is it about Tintin that people couldn’t forget her loveliness and fans die for her. Is it the beauty that lightens the milieu, the aura that beams off our TV sets, or the person within the mere pleasant view? Let us look inside Kristine and contemplate while we try to walk her path.

Looking back...

From a very shy little child who refused to be exposed, no one knew she would be a star. The bashful teener is now one most promising young actress on Philippine TV. It was the appreciation of the audiences which encouraged her to pursue a showbiz career and not money because her dad MAXIMILLIAN ORILLE works as an engineer in London and that makes them a well-off family.

At fifteen, she looked eighteen, older than her ate KATHLEEN, because of her well developed figure but that didn’t deprive her of being a kid. She still fancies Winnie the Pooh, stuffed toys and enjoys kidding around with her chow pet Bogs. No wonder “she’s still a bit playful and ‘bun gisngis’ , the usual girl her age”, her on-screen partner JERICHO ROSALES shares, contrary to the way we see her on screen — a very refined and modest girl who couldn’t even spank a roach.

Kristine was only 12 years old when she joined the cast of Ang TV. She also had a fair exposure in the youth-oriented program Cyberkada mainly hosted by MO TWISTER. Her career finally took-off after several years of wait as she signed up for the TV mini-series Sa Sandaling Kailangan Mo Ako opposite MARVIN AGUSTIN, who was later linked to her. Offers piled up and her fame blasted. She earned the Crush Ng Bayan title and everything followed.

Kristine was lucky enough but there were things that slightly compromised her reputation. She was negatively criticized and rumors bulleted through her personality, condemned to have flirted with several men whose sole intention is to befriend such an attractive lady (however, some really dared for her love), misconstrued her bond with sister Kathleen and other fierce allegations. Only a time off camera and a rest at their well-guarded abode would compensate her being workaholic, her 35-year old mom ALMA says so. Despite all these, she remained collected, confident and headstrong surmounting the harshness of show business.
After all, Kristine is still the victor while her detractors’ laughs echoes on!

Looking Ahead...

On the night of September 9, the entire nation will witness Kristine’s formal transformation into a fine young woman, a celebration not just a run-of-the-mill, an unedited narration of her dream come true. This is how she wants her debut to turn out. Grandeur, elegant and fairy tale like. 

She is set to wear three different gowns, one for co-ushering the guests, the main gown and the after the ball gown. The event will be sponsored by Street Jeans, Illustrazio and Maxi-Peel.

The escort? Her special friend of course, Jericho. Other stars close to her will attend the party plus non-showbiz friends. PAOLO CONTIS, her first showbiz crush, is included in the 18 roses.

Looking ahead, there is so much in store for Kristine Hermosa as her beauty never ceases to bloom and talent grows and spawn seeds of hardwork, dedication, humility and love for her family and friends. In the future, she might be one of the most respected character in the film industry. This is just the start of a new book in her life beginning with an expressive frontispiece.

Her Pangako Sa ‘Yo is rating high in the poll, gaining praises in reviews and hitting hard in the hearts of the mass, she also has an upcoming movie entited Trip. What else? You just wait and see ‘cause there’s so much to expect from the future superstar! *




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