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26 November 2001

Tons of update today! First, we got a new look (for the 3rd time!). I decided to have the Tripod ad on top so no more pop-ups when you surf. Second, we got an all-blue site. Obviously, blue's my favorite color! Third, we added a new folder... Fan Page! Check it out!

On our Articles main page, I have included the number of pictures in besides the title (thanks happy girl!). Also did that for the screen captures.

From one of the newest articles here...

Ibig bang sabihin nito ay inaamin na niyang nanliligaw nga sa kanya si Jericho? “Oo. Ganoon na nga. Pero sinabi ko sa kanya, huwag niya akong mamadaliin. Basta sa ngayon, if there is one guy na hindi ko kamag-anak pero very close sa akin, si Echo na 'yun.”

For this update...

  • 14 articles
  • 30 pictures (8 twosome, 8 Jericho and 14 Kristine)
  • added a "Captured Moment" page on the Specials section
  • finally got the link of Echo's 22nd bday fixed
  • included Echo's 21st bday

Check out this message board:

Jericho & Kristine message board

It's very fast and exclusively for Jericho & Kristine fans! So you can post anything you want... but vandalizers beware, curse words are not allowed! Also, we'll be posting our next updates and other announcements there.

This site is still under construction.  So some links may not work yet and some may look a little empty. But of course, we'll do something about them in the coming updates.

Next update:

  • caps from SHARON guesting

  • caps from MERON BA mtv

  • caps from F!

  • plus more!!!

If you have any suggestions, don't hesitate to send me an email!

Last update: 07 November 2001


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