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Update: July 24, 2001

THE TV SHOW - Everybody wants Yna to be glamorized. Now, we're gonna get it, I think! The PSY writers definitely know how to please their audience.

A.S.A.P. - Kristine was a guest in ASAP last Sunday, July 15, 2001. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to see the show because of brownout!

F.H.M. - Tintin was voted in FHM Philippines' 100 Sexiest Woman in the World (mostly voted by Filipinos). She ranked #6. I was looking for the magazine but haven't any.

Site updates:

  • New pix in the gallery section
  • New articles in the write-ups section... including Tintin's cover in Woman's Journal
  • Visit PROJECTS for episodes...with permission from the anonymous update writer in the PSY Message Board. Thanks!

Update: July 13, 2001

THE TV SHOW - Wouldn't you just love to strangle Bea Bianca? She's ruining Angelo & Yna's love story! But before you guys forget, it's just a TV show. What's happening in the show isn't real so calm down, calm down. 

HUNKS - The Hunks finally had their first concert last night, July 11 at the Music Museum. Needless to say, it was a resounding success. If you still don't know, the Hunks is composed of Diether (Ocampo), Bernard (Palanca), Carlos (Agassi), Piolo (Pascual) and our Jericho Rosales. Should we wait for their album now, Star Records?

MOVIES - We heard that Echo and Tintin are doing a movie... TRIP with Marvin Agustin, Ana Capri and other young stars.

     Tintin is also doing a movie with Pampanga Gov. Lito Lapid's son, Mark Lapid. It's entitled DUGONG ASO.

     Echo will also star in the Star Cinema produced MINDANAO which will be directed by ace director MARILOU DIAZ ABAYA. The cast is headed by CESAR MONTANO. What can I say? When a door is closed, a window is opened. In Echo's case, he may have lost the role in DEKADA 70 but he was given an opportunity to star in another important film. Way to go Echo!

ENDORSEMENTS - They say that an aspiring artist has made it if he/she is trusted with a product endorsement. So shall we say that Kristine finally made it as a star? We just can't help but sigh whenever Kristine's commercial (MAXI PEEL) is on. She is absolutely flawless! Hmm, I might as well try Maxi Peel and see if I'll end up as gorgeous as Kristine.

WORLD'S SEXIEST WOMEN - Of course, Kristine is included in FHM Philippines' list. It would be incredible if she's not on it. Whaddaya think?

KEVIN VERNAL & ANGELIKA DELA CRUZ - And just who is this Kevin Bernal guy who's claiming he was Tintin's boyfriend at 13? The guy is a son of character actor Ruel Vernal. Tintin and her mom denied the guy's claim. Oh well, maybe he wants to ride on the popularity bandwagon!

     Regarding Angelika dela Cruz, our boy Jericho denied that they are going out. He said that he tapes for PSY for four days a week, rehearses for ASAP and is shooting a movie that he won't have any time to go out on date, much more go out with Angelika. He said that what he truly misses is his TRUE LOVE... SURFING!


  • another poem for Echo by Alexis (hey gurl, I have thought of writing the poem myself! haha! it was fantastic!)
  • lyrics (mp3 will follow soon) of the song sung by Echo & Tintin in ASAP last June 24... thanks to Zennie & Marie Jennifer
  • Jericho Rosales, YOUNG, RESTLESS, TALENTED
  • Kristine Hermosa on BE's cover
  • Echo & Tintin... for real or for reel?
  • Kevin Bernal, Tintin's former BF?

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