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by Alexis

Here's one poem I wished I could have written... pretty special prayer for a pretty special guy... I love the line "Keep him away from all those crazy gurls..." I bet, they're many!


Holy mother , full of grace
Bless Jericho Rosales for his handsome face
Bless his hair that tends to curl
Keep him away from all those crazy gurls
Bless his arms that oh so strong
Bless his wet and warm lips that every gurl wish to kiss
Bless his sexy tan body , cute dimples , and brown gorgeous eyes that make all gurls melt
Bless his talent which make him the most youngest awarded best actor on the Philippine Island
And bless everything else of this sexy handsome guy which all girls would like to marry
If ever he reads this prayer of mine I just want him
to know that he is the sexiest pinoyboy alive


~ e n d ~




Disclaimer: The fan site is very unofficial. The author is not connected in any way with jericho rosales
and kristine hermosa. They don't know who I am and I have never met them in person.
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