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by Sherry

Sherry, one of Jericho's wonderful admirer made this poem for him... I'm sure that a lot of us feel the same way about this really, really gorgeous and talented hunk. 

Once, I was afraid I'd never
 find someone
   to really care about.
I wanted someone perfect,
  at least for me.

A special kind of talking,
  an honest way of listening;
  not being afraid to laugh or cry;
  kindness and understanding;
  fun and excitement;
  someone who would lift my heart with joy.

I guess I expected a lot,
  but I'm a believer!
  And I believe that someday
  someone's particular magic
    would transform my life.

So, in spite of all the waiting,
  all the loneliness,
  all the almost-giving-up,
  it's been worth it;
  it's all been worthwhile.
And wishes really do come true,
  because what I always wanted
  isn't a dream---

        It's you.

Thanks Sherry for sharing this with us.




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