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Kristine Defies Her Parents
Manila Times, Sept 21, 2001

Eighteen must be the age of rebellion for Kristine Hermosa.

The young actress seems to have defied her parents’ ruling that she can’t entertain suitors yet, much less have a boyfriend.

She seems to have turned her soap opera love team with hunk Jericho Rosales for real. No less than the staff of their ABS-CBN 2 soap opera, Pangako Sa ‘Yo, have been buzzing around about it.

But, then, if you had watched Kristine’s behavior towards Jericho when they sang two Sundays ago on the network’s ASAP as part of her 18th birthday celebration, she really looked head-over-heels in love with Jericho. Happily for her, but definitely not for her parents, Jericho seems madly in love with her, too.

Kristine had a very grand showbiz debut about two Sundays ago at the Manila Polo Club, an event that was organized mainly for the cameras of Star Studio, the show which airs right before ASAP.

But even before her debut party transpired, Kristine received stern scolding from her dad, Maximilian Orille, about not entertaining suitors yet.

Kristine confided to some people at ABS-CBN that one day she happened to leave her cell phone lying around the house. Unfortunately for her, her dad didn’t think twice about reading her text messages—and thus found an extremely romantic, if not passionate, one from an ardent admirer (who may have been Jericho himself).

Well, the father vehemently scolded his daughter for entertaining such messages.

Actually, there are also suspicions that Kristine and Jericho have long been on “MU” (mutual understanding) and Kristine was just waiting for her debut to show the world how in love she and Jericho are with each other.

Jericho was once reported to have fathered out of wedlock a baby with a non-showbiz girl. Well, let’s hope he doesn’t father one with Kristine who seems to be ABS-CBN 2’s bet for major and full stardom.



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