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Tele-Serye Queen: Kristine Hermosa,
Happier Than Ever
by Pilar Mateo, Kislap Magazine

SHE looks happy and contented, alright. But it took sometime before she could convince herself that yes, she will stay in showbusiness for as long as it takes.

That is how now certified Tele-Serye Queen Kristine Hermosa views the world she's in.

"There was a time, when I was just new in the business where I wasn't even sure if this was really the thing that I wanted to do. That time, I was also keen on pursuing a course in Mass Communications. And I was at that stage when I really couldn't see pa where I was going. So, even if I was already doing some things in showbusiness, I still was having second thoughts if I was gonna pursue this or not. And I admit that I was on the verge of changing my mindset that time."

But it didn't take long for Kristine to get settled in the business where a lot of people are really wanting to be part of.

"This year, am okay. Thanks to ABS-CBN's Talent Center and of course, Mr. M (Johnny Manahan) and my handler. Am happier now with the things that are happening where my career is concerned. That after a while, people see me in a different light."

And that different light has something to do with the changes that would soon occur in the life of her parents' baby, into a blooming lady. As Kristine treks the passage into womanhood.

"I'll be eighteen on September 9! But it's my parents and the people from Talent Center who are doing the preparations. They wouldn't let me know the details as to what will happen at the main lounge of the Manila Polo Club (in Forbes Park, Makati) on my debut.

"Am aware lang of the 18 roses and the 18 candles. Kasi, they have to ask me syempre about the people in my life, particularly my friends. So, i have my 'kodigo' with the list of the special people in my life that would participate sa 18 roses and 18 candles."

Kristine's Dad Maximillan will definitely be her first dance. And the rest that will hand Kristine a rose are Piolo Pascual, Patrick Garcia, Onemig Bondoc, Dominic Ochoa, Paolo Contis, John lloyd Cruz, John Prats, Baron Geisler, Mark Lapid, Matt Torres (Lucy's brother) and the rest are her non-showbiz friends. In the list of the 18 candles are bestfriend Vanessa del Bianco, Desiree del Valle, Cheska Garcia, Ciara Sotto, Sarah Christophers, Heart Evangelista, Julia Clarete, Dimples Romana, Roselle Nava, Jodi Santamaria, Anna Larrucea, Hazel Ann Mendoza and her sister Kathleen.

"I feel as if am in cloud nine. They have been doing the preparations for about four months now. I keep myself busy with my tapings and shootings. And they are busy too! Am excited to know that I will be wearing three gowns for the duration of the night.

"Randy Ortiz will make me a white gown which I will wear for the reception of the guests. And he also made an aqua blue gown which will be my main gown. Paolo Basa made me naman a greyish blue gown. And they told me that my gowns would be studded with Swarovski beads."

Her passage to womanhood. What does it entail? What are the things that she asked from her parents?

"If there's one thing that I really would like to have, that would be to get my driver's license. I wanna drive my own car. I have a van but I think that's too big for me to drive. Gusto ko, small car lang na for me lang talaga that I can use when I go out with my friends. Maybe a RAV 4 would be fine. And of course, diamonds!"

 Where is Jericho Rosales in Kristine's life now?

"Jericho would be my escort on my debut. And he will also be my last dance. At this point, he's the closest male friend that I have. Working together in Pangako sa 'Yo has made us closer than ever. We see each other three times a week, the least. There are many things that we were able to know about each other."

Describe Jericho.

 "He's a very nice person. And I've come to realize that not everything that has been written about him are true. Especially the negative ones. Now, I got to know him better. What he is inside-out. He's sweet, a gentleman, and very thoughtful. He is very patient when it comes to me kasi am so 'kulit!' He's very caring and he never takes me for granted."

Many people believed that Jericho's already your special someone.

"He's not courting me. Though I would admit that there are other showbiz personalities that are courting me. But I wouldn't name names, lest I be denied again. And there are also non-showbiz ones. But my mind is not in having a relationship at this point in my life. I'll just be starting my life as a woman. And I guess there are more important things that I need to enjoy before limiting myself to caring for one special relationship. I mean, I still need to explore the world. 'De ba?"

Having two veteran actresses by her side, in the person of Eula Valdez and Jean Garcia has brought out the best in Kristine as far as her acting is concerned. When many believed that this lady couldn't even shed a tear at the drop of a hanky, now Kristine is pitting talents with her co-stars.

"And I also would like to make it clear that there's no spat between me and Ms. Jean. I have read a lot of things pertaining to our working relationship. And what I would say is that we're okay. In fact, she's also like a mentor to me. And it's from her that I got that comment na 'ang galing-galing mo na!' She's very nice like Ate Eula. So, I'd like to discard the notion that we're not okay on the set. I attended the opening of Ms. Jean's Eros bar. And we're just like one big happy family."

Most girls who would pass that stage of being a teener would want nothing but their freedom from their parents. How do you view the freedom that you would ask from them?

"Definitely, the discipline will always be there. Like, who I'd go out with, where I will be going. And that will still happen until the time that my parents know that I really could stand and decide on my own. When I reach eighteen, I will just be on that first phase of my womanhood. So, there would be so much to learn and discover. Am not really that keen in getting my freedom. Am allowed to do things that I like. As long as I know my limitations. My mom has been known to be very strict when it comes to me. But I think she has done the best for me."

What is it that you think that can make you a fulfilled actress in your field?

"Of course, an award would really give me that fulfillment. But I know it's going to be one arduous task before I can ever get one. Meaning, there's so much I need to prove. There's so much I need to show. There's so much I need to risk. Am getting there. Am still young."

More freedom. More responsibility. More problems?

"In the seventeen years of my life, I would say that I've encountered difficult problems. Everything that came to me is what normally happens in the life of a teenager. I just don't know what's in store in the next phase of my life. But am sure that I will be able to pass through it without too much difficulty. As long as I have my mind set now, with the goals that I have, I don't think I can make a mistake."

Let's see the next episode in this lady's life. Just like the Tele-Serye she's doing, more awaits her!



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