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Teen Stars Magazine, July 18, 2001
by Acel Tolentino

17-year old KRISTINE HERMOSA ORILLE has just started tossing the balls. From an ordinary Ang TV member way back years ago, she's now hailed as showbiz's latest Crush Ng Bayan. Gaining merits from the vanity world for her goddess-like beauty, Tin-tin is on to capture the heart of every man.

The fun loving but sentimental lady was born on September 9, 1983 under the sign of Virgo. She's quite tall for her age (5'5), one reason why she looks older than her ate KATHLEEN. A true feminine, she loves the color pink but not craving for a bunch of Hello Kitty things. She goes for Winnie The Pooh instead, having an array of the half-bare cartoon character's stuff all over her bedroom. Perhaps, if there's a special Winnie The Pooh toothpick, she could've bought boxes.

Like most of us, she also likes the movie Notting Hill replacing an old favorite romantic flick Pretty Woman. Everyone wants to be JULIA ROBERTS and Kristine has the potential to be one of her kind. If not at home, you would spot her on an outing or in a ranch riding a horse. Her untarnishing sense for adventure and fun keeps her vibrant and enhances her youth. Sometimes it's good to temporarily retire from busy work especially for Tin-tin because she's a bit workaholic.

To give you a full-account of Kristine's showbiz history, read on. This is something we prepared for the guys this time. Enjoy!


  • Kristine was 12 when she joined Ang TV. She was encouraged by her Ate Kathleen who also auditioned but did not make it.

  • In 1997, she was launched in Star Circle Batch 5 with stars like NIKKI VALDEZ, DIMPLES ROMANA, VANESSA DEL BIANCO and CAROL BANAWA among others. 

  • Her first big break was the primetime miniseries Sa Sandaling Kailangan Mo Ako where she played a frustrated lover of MARVIN AGUSTIN. 

  • After several months, Kristine took the lead role in Star Drama Theater for four weeks. 

  • She also collaborates with the cast of Munting Paraiso and the latest teleserye Pangako Sa 'Yo with JERICHO ROSALES.


  • Actually, one more reason why she entered show business was because of her first showbiz crush PAOLO CONTIS but we believe the feeling has already subsided. 

  • She was linked to MARVIN AGUSTIN and later to WOWIE DE GUZMAN who, upon guesting in Munting Paraiso, slightly wooed her for a short time. That was a bit complicated spawning accusations that she's a wrecker which turned out false in the end. 

  • Even MO TWISTER came into the scene which began during the airing of the kids' show Cyberkada. 

  • She also had a crush on PATRICK GARCIA! Good thing it remained a secret until their show Richard Loves Lucy ceased airing. 

  • All's well that ends well, she ended up in the hugs of her leading man JERICHO ROSALES where fans hope they last forever.


  • Kristine loves her family a lot. She's the middle child among the three girls. Although her dad Maximillan Orille who's an engineer in London is miles apart, their ties keep unknotted. 

  • There were rumors between her and sister Kathleen stating the latter suffered nervous breakdown when she was disqualified in the audition. Both girls denied it and proved they never got into fray over the nonsense issue. 

  • In the house, she's stuck in her room composing poems or just listening to music. She probably plays her favorite song I Finally Found Someone by BARBRA STREISSAND and BRYAN ADAMS. Most often, she kids around with her dog pets Bogs and Bridge. 

  • The epidemic among stars has spread in her system too - texting!


Pregnant, an executive's mistress, a wrecker, flirt ilusyonada and others more. Kristine has amazingly survived the animosity and we know that her unripe stage in the 'biz will bring her to even worse situations. "I pay my yaya and my driver, as well as my van. I don't have to depend on an executive's finance just to get by cause I can handle things myself," this was her repartee to a controversy involving a high-ranked exec in ABS-CBN. It's really hard to be 'Crush Ng Bayan'!


Eversince the phenomenal hit teleserye Pangako Sa 'Yo, the on screen couple has been hurled by intrigues and giggling questions. They were often teased by fans and friends in business. Let's now ask the hunk JERICHO ROSALES about what really caught her to cherish femme fatal Kristine. "Physically I like her eyes, legs, hands, hips, her hair, her childish ways, her thoughtfulness and sweetness.

She's almost complete," says Echo.

How is their relationship as loveteam?

"Absolutely fine! We help each other and our relationship grows each day. Hindi kami nagsasawa kahit halos araw-araw kaming nagkikita dahil enjoy naman ako sa company niya eh," the cute idol ends.

Kristine Hermosa struggled for each step she takes just to maintain her reputation others are trying to stain. Despite the harsh crowd, Tin-tin remains the most sought-after teen star in the 'biz.

Well, anything more? Sure enough, we have eased your twitching faces with these answers to questions you've been wanting to ask the star. Again, we won't stop giving you what you deserve. Just keep tuned. Ciao!

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