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BE girl... Kristine
by Be Magazine, June 2001

Fondly called



09 September 1983


Quezon City




First pet Dog
First collection Stationeries
First hair color Dark Brown
First manicure French Tip
First color of Cellular phone Transparent white
First gift received from a boy Teddy Bear
First crush Paolo Contis
Fave colors pink, white, purple and baby blue
Fave shade of nail polish Platinum
Fave ice cream flavor Mango
Fave cartoon character Winnie the Pooh
Fave band/group Freestyle
All-time fave movie/s Notting Hill and Practical Magic
A cool gimik is... going to a really far place with a long drive trip
A dream day would be... a carefree stay in a beach all by myself
A yummy meal for me is... a plate of crabs, shrimps, oysters and other sea foods
I will be wild over a... Dips and Dots ice cream
I can never live without my... Cellphone and bag
I'll never get tired of... texting my friend and listening to music
I would rather... sleep and get a good rest than go out every night!
If I want to recharge my energy, I would go to... Timezone
If I'll win a round-trip ticket for two to Paris, I will take... my best friend with me.
If I will live my life again, I want to be... Winnie the Pooh
This will definitely sweep me off my feet... When a guy goes out of his way just to please me.
If one boy likes me, I usually... just wait for him to make the move.
I will give up everything for... God and my family.

~ e n d ~



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