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Move over Judai and Jolens: Here comes Kristine Hermosa 
by :Jayson B. Brizuela, Philippine Star, Nov 7 2000 

Tired of the usual, garden variety young stars youíve been watching and reading about and wondering how come all popular local teen stars seem to fit the "baduy", "bakya", and even "jologs" fold, well? Tired of all those soap operas these same young stars star in that seem to drag for ages and that are oftentimes too maudlin and ridiculous to be believable? 

Donít blink now but all that may soon change with the coming of a relative underdog to these so-called drama princesses: Kristine Hermosa. 

Thatís right. ABS-CBN is throwing all caution to the wind by gambling with this young actress to be the lead star of itís big-budgeted new TV drama series "Pangako Saíyo." Sheís nervous alright, what with such a big load and big responsibility on her back, but she tries to take it all in stride. 

"Iím really very honored that I was chosen. Iím very grateful for all the good things that have been happening to me and Iím really going to give it my all," she says. 

Well, everyoneís excited about her all right. If all goes well sheíll be one of a few local stars who the elitist, young A-B crowd wonít mind watching. With mestiza features and a heartbeat-skipping beautiful face, Kristine is indeed the next young star to watch. 

She says that she really likes doing dramatic roles. When "Star Drama Theater" opened its doors to this true talent, tens of thousands of Filipino people discovered the real acting prowess beneath Kristine's captivating beauty. Now paired off with young actor Jericho Rosales, sheís poised at making a name for herself in local showbiz. 

Not bad for someone who only tagged along during her sisterís audition. "I wasnít supposed to audition because I didnít know how to sing, to dance, or to act. But she pushed me into it. Wala naman masamang mag-try, so I gave in. It was funny Ďcoz it was me who got accepted. I joined Star Circle and did Ang TV, Kaybol, and Gimik. 

With all the breaks sheís been getting, she says that she still gets overwhelmed. "Iím really very happy because I never expected any of this," she relates. At 16 and working full-time, she also makes it a point to Ďstill be a kidí sometimes. When not busy taping her TV shows "Munting Paraiso" and "Richard Loves Lucy", Kristine can be seen in shopping malls. Her weakness, according to her, is buying cute and interesting bags. She also collects Winnie the Pooh stuff. 

Like a typical teenager, she enjoys listening to sentimental love songs and R&B music. However, there is one hobby that she had to put aside for her career--sketching. "Even when I was still a kid I really loved to draw. I would draw my own pictures and color them myselfÖbut now I simply donít have time to do that anymore." 

Future plans? None. "I really donít plan. Wherever the Lord takes me, Iíll be happy," she says.

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