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BUDDY BODIES by Mildred Bacud
Showbiz Manila, Oct 2000

There's a new love team in the 'biz. And they seem to be paired on pretty well. I'm talking about Jericho Rosales and Kristine Hermosa. These two are great together. They both possess a certain charm and wit that's why people accepted their team-up right away. Fans say that they look good together and we think so, too. 

Here's a brief interview with Jericho and Kristine regarding their relationship on and off screen.

JERICHO: I think all love teams are being linked together. People see us often and they think there is something going on. At this point, our relationship is purely friendship and work-related lead to something more than friendship because it's not impossible.

KRISTINE: Maybe because we're a love team that's why we're being linked together. We can't avoid that. For me being linked together means we're effective partners. We are able to get interested in our love team at marami kaming napapakilig. Though in real life, we're very close now as compared before. We're starting to enjoy our friendship.

Why did you think people found you compatible as partners?

JERICHO: I think because of our chemistry. I think our loveteam started when Kristine guested in Munting Paraiso. She played the role of my girlfriend but we had to part ways because her family had to move to another place. Malou Santos saw the chemistry and she made Kristine a mainstay. So thatís it...

KRISTINE: Like Jericho said, our team-up worked well in Munting Paraiso. Then, he guested in my Star Drama which turned out to be a high-rating episode. Tapos ruby-ruby na sa FLAMES. Now heís a semi-regular of Richard Loves Lucy and heíll be my partner there. We are compatible as acting partners because we already proved it.

Do you consider yourself as a famous on-screen partner? Why?

JERICHO: On TV, in a way yes. We are still starting and we hope to duplicate our popularity in movies also.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a celebrity?

KRISTINE: The advantages are we are able to entertain a lot of people and give them joy. Being a celebritries, we have the privilege to work with different people. Itís profitable and fun. The disadvantage I think is that we live like a fish in an aquarium, lahat ng ginagawa mo, pinapanood ng mga tao. We are sometimes victimized by character assassination. There is always a misconception about us. Fans easily believe whatever they read in newspapers and magazines.They expect a lot from us not realizing we are also human and prone to making foolish mistakes. I hate being linked to different guys like the issue with me and DJ Mo and also with Marvin Agustin. I hate it because itís not true.

Jericho, have you totally recovered from being identified as Angelikaís original love team mate.

JERICHO: Slowly yes. The fact that people accepted my team-up with Kristine only meant that I already left Angelikaís shadow. Sheís in another station now and I am with ABS so thereís no chance of us being together at work anymore.

Kristine, youíre considered to be one of the most promising young actresses, has your looks and being a talent of ABS-CBN helped you a lot?

KRISTINE: My looks is an advantage they say. But I donít want to just have the looks. You have to have talent also. In the end, yun pa rin ang mangingibabaw. Being an ABS-CBN talent is really a big help. Itís giving me good beaks considering that they are the largest network. Itís a good venue not only for me but for all the stars of ABS.

Dream movie with Kristine/Jericho?

JERICHO: A heart-warming love story na tatatak sa isip ng mga tao just like Titanic.

KRISTINE: Jericho is a very good actor so love story na may pagka-heavy drama. 

Big breaks in terms of your acting skills?

JERICHO: It was Maalala Mo Kayaís Pampang episode with Dante Rivero for me in 1998 which won for me the Star Awards Best Single Performance by an Actor and as Best New Promising Male Star. Du'n nila nakita yung acting ko it really helped me a lot.

KRISTINE: Sa Sandaling Kailangan Mo Ako. Dito ako piniga nang husto ni Direk Olive Lamazan. I developed my acting here because I played a much mature role. I learned to cry most of the time in this series. It was a good break because I was able to prove to myself my worth as an actress.

What can you say about Jericho/Kristine?

JERICHO: Except from the fact that sheís one of the most beautiful actresses we have right now, not everybody knows that Tin is a very sweet and nice girl. Sheís sensitive and childish sometimes. Maybe because sheís only sixteen. Contrary to their impression about linking her to some other guys, sheís conservative. I like her because sheís a good friend.

KRISTINE: Ekong is a nice guy naman. I admire him as a good actor. Makulit lang siya in a way na laging nang-aasarsa telepono at laging nanghihiram ng charger ng cellphone kasi lagi niyang nakakalimutan. We donít like each other before but now we both agree on a lot of things and we get along very well.

If there would be one thing that would end your partnership, what would it be and why?

JERICHO: If we donít feel working with each other anymore. If that would be the case then we wonít effective anymore. Our loveteam per se is not permanent. This is not true only for us but for all loveteams as well. There will always come a time when we have to grow and move on as individual actor and actress.

KRISTINE: If we are not effective anymore as partners. Eventually we will part ways, as a loveteam. We have to mature as an artist. I think that's it.

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