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Falling for Jericho
by Patricia Ramos, Girl Magazine
vol 1, no 3

On biblical times, if you remember your Christian Living studies, Jericho was that city sieged by the Israelites. The city fell when the Israelites, following the Lord’s instruction, circled the city, marching around the city once, for six days.

It might have taken a week for Jericho to fall. But it takes only one look to fall for one hunk of a guy named Jericho Rosales!

I know a lot of girls envy me right now for I was lucky enough to sit and chit chat with Jericho Rosales! Whew! All I can say is that he is a great man— very talented, good looking., he’s just a little bit of everything!

He became quite popular after his moving performance in the multi-awarded film, Tanging Yaman.

Jericho was launched recently as image model of Walker and I was there to cover the event and I got to corner him for a one-on-one interview! Here, I share with you what we talked about.

Since you did Tanging Yaman, yours has been a household name.. How does it feel to be a success?

Jericho: I believe I still had proven nothing. I’d still would like to try new roles. I don’t prefer any type of role. I may portray the character of a baseball player, a rockstar, a scuba diver—although I admit, I have some sort of phobia with scuba diving. As long as the role is offered to me and I find it exciting and promising, I would accept it. I love challenging myself. I would love to do an action film—like those John Travolta’s and Nicolas Cage’s movies. Actually, I’m doing an action film with director Marilou Diaz—Abaya.

Aside from your work, what are your other interests?

Girls! Kidding aside, I love surfing and my latest hobby is photography. I had been wanting to take pictures for quite sometime. I think I see things differently compared to other people. However, it was only last month that I was able to start learning about photography. Just self-study. I call myself “Boy Manual”. I also plan to take up film, when I find the time! I think I will not accept a lot of commitments next year so I can have time for the things I’d like to do.

But you’ ll be also busy as the image model of Walker.

Why did you accept this job?

Walker has been known for having young people who are active, achievers, or the athletic type of guys. I myself love sports.

Doesn’ t being an image model of Walker kind of doing away with your matinee idol image or your goody boy next door type of image?

It doesn't disturb me at all for I feel t Walker is a good brand. I just wanted to do something different. As an image model of Walker, I am pected to be always fit and that is rather difficult for a considerably occupied person like me. Nevertheless, I think even if it would be somehow exhausting, it would still help to be more disciplined when it comes to my time management and the food that I eat. Lately, I have been learning to like working out since it’s kind of a physical challenge to me and it makes me push myself to the limit. But I still prefer surfing compared to working out. I feel there is some sort of connection between me and the sea. I try to fit surfing into my really tight schedule. I usually find time to go to La Union and do some surfing during weekends.

What can you say to your fans and Girl readers?

It’s the prime of your life! Try to do things while you still have the energy. Don’t be afraid to dream and to do something to realize your dreams. Study hard. Live life and seize the day. Dare to be different! 

More about Jericho
Name: Jericho Rosales
Age: 21 years old
Birthday:September 22, 1979
Height: 510”
Food:Anything. Seafoods and Japanese food.
Actors and Actresses: Cesar Montano, Richard Gomez, Albert Martinez, Johnny Delgado, Dick Israel, Tony Ferrer, Dante Rivero, Ronaldo Valdez, Pen Medina, Chin-Chin Qutierez, Dawn Zulueta, Sharon Cuneta, Mylene Dizon, John Malkovich, Edward Norton, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Mark Wahlbert, Julia Roberts, and Uma Thurman. 
Status: Single
Currently dating: None at the moment. His usual dates are with the cameramen, directors, and his co-actors including Kristine Hermosa... in short, he is so busy with his work right now.
Ideal Girl: Someone who’s into sports. “I like athletic type of girls. However, those beauty-queen, demure type of girls could also catch my attention. I like both those characteristics in just a single girl. I’m looking for a super girl, I guess.”

He confesses though that when he falls in love, he might forget all about those ideals!



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