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Can't Get Enough of Echo
by Acel Tolentino
Teenstars mag, No. 1462

Indeed, JERICHO ROSALES has gone a very long mile. Most of his contemporaries and rivals couldn't catch up and compete anymore. But Echo is a good sport. We've got a very gentle and open-minded matinee idol here!

Going back to the day he first had his TV exposure, he was a petite seventeen- year old candidate in Eat Bulaga's Mr. Pogi. The battle of the looks was somewhat unpredictable but evident. By the time his name was called forth to accept his championship title, that was the start of his so called career.

First trained as one of Eat Bulaga's hosts, he had shown his star potential. Until he chose his career to be stirred by the other network, which was a good choice.

Now, let us not look forward yet. Let's take a short recollection of Echo's love, life, whats, whos and wheres since you can't get enough of the hunkiest among the hunks in the whole world. Ready, aim...FIRE!

HHHOT...Jericho doesn't want a very muscle-rich body. Just slim but juicy, like Bruce Lee's.

WOW! One time, on their way to Cagayan, he ran the last five kilometers down to their shooting location. Along the way, he waved back at people who recognized him. When he got there, he dived the river nearby for a cool bath. Good thing he was Pneumonia proof!

REACH FOR THE STARS. He was actually one of the original cast of Dekada '70 but he lost the role to PIOLO PASCUAL. That left him upset but he still believed that something better comes along after a loss. Anyway, aside from his evidently lucrative soap opera, his dream to be a singer and to have an album finally came true - first the concert then, The Hunks has an album already.

BUHAY ARTISTA NGA NAMAN! He is oozing with substance, sex appeal and killer looks but he finds being a matinee idol hard because of too much papogi and paporma effect.

SENSITIVE HUNK Jericho is allergic to chicken so he just indulges in beef or steamed fish, sometimes meat fats or just anything! He doesn't gain weight though 'cause of sports.

WAAAVE... Jericho loves surfing very much! His professor in surfing was a Japanese surfing expert named Hiroshi Yokohama. His show biz friend LUI VILLARUZ, another product of Talent Center, introduced him to surfing, unintentionally. One of his most unforgettable moments at sea was when he was able to stand up and ride the wave. He stretched his arms apart and shouted, "I'm the king of the world!"

OUCHH! He had a knee surgery which kept him from playing Basketball, his favorite sport.

SUPER DUPER OUCH!!! He has quit playing Hockey which was more costly. The gear alone reaches P50,000. Good decision Echo.

DO YOU KNOW THAT... Not only does Echo play Basketball and Hockey, he also tries Baseball. Sports can really make you fit, huh!

YUP,YUP,YUP!!! Not sporty is lousy for Echo. So if you want to magnetize the sexy hunk towards you, you should be sporty, sweet, kind and be real.

CHOOSE MEEE!!! No way! 'Coz he hopes to date a dentist. That's quite superficial but, it's just a date anyway.

YESSS! Echo is never after a woman's virginity. He says, "You don't base love on virginity."

SAY MY NAME, SAY MY NAME. Femme fatales KRISTINE HERMOSA, CHARLENE GONZALEZ and ANGEL AQUINO are just three of the most attractive and beautiful women for Jericho.

OUCHHH AGAIN!!! His first romance was when he was still in grade 6. Wala lang, the normal kids going steady. But when he transferred to the province, the relationship all ended in a puff. Of course, he mourned it. It's sad to lose a playmate.

WOULD YOU BELIEVE? Physically, Jericho prefers the extremes. If a girl is dark complexioned, he wants her really white. If a girl is dark, he wants her really tanned. If a girl is beautiful, he wants her very beautiful. If a girl is ugly...errr...he wants it really ugly?

FOR THE RECORD. As nice as he can be, Echo does not want to look intimading in front of his fans. He's a very humble person for your information and as much as possible avoids attitude change.

Well, anything more? This is how we repay your being so supportive of Teen Stars. Just like how Jericho repays all you, fans out there - giving the best there is however hard it may be.

You can still catch Jericho in the hit soap opera Pangako Sa 'Yo with the apple of his eye KRISTINE HERMOSA, and ASAP. Plus! the Hunks: In Concert album is out now. Also, watch out for his latest movie Trip with MARVIN AGUSTIN, Kristine and other stars. Also, he's currently doing an action film with superb director Marilou Diaz-Abaya which would surely create sensation as that of the director's past movies.

To all aspiring actors out there, lucky you! You've got a model to follow. To all the girls, luckiest are you! You've got a hunk, a gentleman, a kind-hearted and a handsome matinee idol. Boy, how you complete our lives!


  • He was born on September 22, 1979
  • That makes him 22 years old.
  • He kinda likes Japanese foods and seafoods.
  • Chinchin Guttierez, Dawn Zulueta, Sharon Cuneta, and Mylene Dizon are just few of the local actresses that he fancies. In foreign, it's definitely Julia Roberts and Uma Thurman.
  • His fave local actors are Cesar Montano, Richard Gomez, Albert Martinez, Johnny Delgado, Dick Israel, Dante Rivero, Ronaldo Valdez and Pen Medina. In foreign, include John Malkovich, Edward Norton, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, and Mark Wahlberg.
  • He admits that like a normal guy, he has his ideals on girls. But when he falls in love, these ideals are disregarded. He gets to accept the woman with her true self. It's natural, dork!
  • Jericho's latest hobby is photography which is slowly becoming an outlet of his expertise. In fact, he's turning ala-Richard Gomez who eventually became a professional part-time director after taking up Film-making in the States.
  • Hey, beloved fans of Jericho! Live life and seize the day. Dare to be different! (He says).



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