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star studio, august 2001

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WALKER Underwear, the country’s pioneer in the garments industry and has been a forerunner in revolutionizing the underwear business for the past 46 years, recently launched it newest image model Jericho Rosales - one of ABS- CBN’s hottest actors — in a concept fashion show tagged as “Walker.. .Beyond Imagination” at Virgin Café along Timog Avenue,
Quezon City.

Conceptualized as a then-and-now underwear fashion extravaganza, the show highlighted the humble beginning of Walker from the 1950s up to the present achievements as the country’s pioneer in the underwear business. It featured several segments such as intro salvo of ‘Heavenly Bodies’ wherein the sexiness and holiness of models donned with only Walker briefs and winged as angels to depict gentleness and sensuality of Walker underwear. The fashion show’s highlight was the presentation of Rosales as Walker’s new image model.

As Rosales typifies today’s young achievers in the field of his choice, he is into the right mold as Walker intensifies its marketing campaign to conquer the brave new world of today’s Gen X achievers — the yuppies, high school and college students and the young entrepreneurs. In fact, throughout this year and onwards, Walker Underwear will come out with new and exciting designs and fabrics to cater to the taste and lifestyle of the young achievers today.

Thus with the show, Walker Uses several young male models to capture the genre of the young adults. These young models are Mark Santos, Rodolfo Rivera, Jr., Jamil Shular, Gideon Oroceo and John Joel Adriano, Tagged as the Guys of Walker; these models typify the go-getters of today—young, ambitious and achievers. Directed by Aldwin Bautista Salvatus, WALKER... Beyond Imagination was produced by Eugene Ramos for Walker.

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