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Jericho Rosales: Talented Heartthrob
by Rochelle Genevieve Col-Long
5/18/01 Chismis.Ph

JERICHO ROSALES is one of the better finds in the show biz industry. He has the look and the talent to make it really big in the immense arena of show biz. Yes, Jericho is one of the hottest stars that ABS-CBN Talent Center has produced. He is currently starring in the TV soap opera Pangako Sa `Yo opposite another talented young star, Kristine Hermosa. He is also part of the cast of the weekend and TV show Munting Paraiso with Connie Reyes and Ronaldo Valdez.

Echo, as he is fondly called, started in showbiz when he entered the Mr. Pogi contest in the TV noontime show Eat Bulaga! winning the much coveted title at the age of 1.5. This opened a wider and opportunity-laden horizon for him. He may be a product of a beauty contest but Jericho has proven to everybody that he is not just another pretty face. His track record provides evidence that he has talent and can stand his ground against the pros.

This latest Walker image model is very much aware of sacrifices he has to do for show biz. This is what he has to say for neophytes in show biz: In this business, if you are just a newcomer, you can't be choosy. You have to work hard and prove that you are really good. I had to give up my teenage years in favor of work, and not just for myself but for the sake of my mother and siblings as well."

As for how his career is going, Echo says, "Show biz has been kind to me. I have been recognized as a young dramatic actor who is slowly but surely on the rise. I am doing everything to live up to people's expectations."

So far, good projects are coming his way. Aside from his telenovella series Pangako sa `Yo, he is also a mainstay in ASAP and he also starred in the multi-awarded film Tanging Yaman. He is now filming the movie version of the acclaimed book Dekada `70 with the star for all seasons Vilma Santos. Echo says he relates the scenes he has to execute from experiences he has encountered in his young life "but most of the time, I really feel the character I am playing and I visualize the entire story of the film or the TV drama I am shooting to get a better feel for my role."

Ten years from now, how does Echo see himself in the industry? "I guess I would still be in it. Perhaps I would have garnered acting awards to prove my ability as a dramatic actor.

And what would be his advice to young aspiring actors? "As we all know, this business always has welcoming arms for new wannabes. But you have to brace yourself up, guys, for the demands of the industry. Work hard and prove your worth. Don't stop dreaming and don't stop believing in yourself."

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