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Is 'smear' campaign vs Jericho an 'inside job'? 
FUNFARE by Ricardo F. Lo 
11/12/00 philstar

Could it be true that the "smear" campaign against Jericho Rosales – you know, that he got a model pregnant – was an "inside job" (meaning it originated right at Jericho’s home studio, ABS-CBN)? If so, who could be the culprit? And what could be his/her motive? 

This suspicion (not without any basis, if you ask me) cropped up because the model’s revelation was timed with the announcement of Jericho’s biggest TV break, the teleserye Pangako Sa’yo which will premiere on Monday, Nov. 13, 7 p.m., directed by Rory Quintos with Olivia Lamasan as creative consultant (who might also help Rory direct some of the episodes). 

So huge is the project, calculated to last for a year, that its budget is bigger than a Star Cinema movie and its cast bigger than that of a movie (with Liza Lorena as the matriarch, co-starring also with her own son Tonton Gutierrez, Eula Valdez, Jean Garcia who was invited back from Japan by ABS-CBN purposely for the teleserye, Jestoni Alarcon, Vanessa del Bianco, Jay Manalo, Nikka Valencia, Jodi Santamaria, Carlo Muñoz, Luis Alandy, Hazel Ann Mendoza and Kristine Hermosa as Jericho’s love interest). 

Luckily, Jericho handled the issue very well and very calmly, saying that if, indeed, he’s the father of the baby (the model is said to have been once the girlfriend of Jay Manalo), he won’t turn back on his responsibility. Spoken like a real man who can’t be blamed for such an "accident" (if, indeed, he’s "guilty") because you know how goodlooking actors like him attract girls. 

But the "smear" campaign (if, indeed, it is) won’t affect Jericho’s career. It has happened to the likes of Aga Muhlach (and Janice de Belen), Angelu de Leon (and Joko Diaz), Gary Estrada (and Cheska Diaz) and many other actors and actresses, and in the long run what kept them going was not their personal/private indiscretions but their worth as performers. Look, did the nagging controversy between him and ex-wife Pops Fernandez adversely affect Martin Nievera? Hardly. Echoing what other worthy actors/artists have said before, Martin said, "What I owe the public is a good performance." 

Anyway, Jericho is also lucky to have ABS-CBN and Star Cinema as home studio because the twin company is all-out in its support for him. Here’s the official statement from Star Cinema and ABS-CBN: 

No amount of controversy can make ABS-CBN turn its back on Jericho Rosales. The ABS-CBN Talent Center still believes in the capabilities of the very talented young man despite the troubles surrounding him. 

It seems that there are some people who are out to destroy what Jericho has worked very hard for but this type of sabotage won’t even make a dent in this fast-rising actor’s career. 

He is known as being professional and having a good attitude towards work which has impressed all the people he has worked with. It took Jericho four years to get the kind of attention he is getting now from ABS-CBN. And during those years he waited patiently for his turn to shine, no fuss and no complaints was heard from him and his attitude has earned praises from the management. 

Jericho’s star continues to stand out and he is now one of the best drama actors among the other young artists in the business today. His name pops up each time good actors come to mind. He is also considered as one of the most-awarded actors among the present breed of young stars in the industry. Awards have been coming in left and right for his impressive performances in various TV shows. 

Not only has Talent Center stood behind him but also Star Cinema has given him its full support. The company’s confidence in Jericho was pretty evident in the good things said about him by outstanding directors Olive Lamasan and Rory Quintos. 

Life goes on for Jericho. And he continues to be an important part and asset of ABS-CBN and Star Cinema. On Nov. 13, 7 p.m., is the premiere of the first teleserye, Pangako Sa ’yo where Jericho will definitely make his mark on Philippine Television. The series launches Jericho as a major dramatic actor with Kristine Hermosa as his on-screen partner. 

Jericho still manages to smile despite the fact that he is encountering personal problems. "I never expected this kind of treatment. Thank God the public, my friends, the press and the management of ABS-CBN and Star Cinema understand my situation. I’m thankful for all the support I’m getting," remarked the charming lad. 

One can never really put a good man down which definitely describes what Jericho Rosales is. 

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